Types of Holidays

May 23, 2023

Turkey holidays are full of delights, from serene, golden beaches to a history spanning thousands of years and mouth-watering cuisine. There’s no shortage of bucket list worthy attractions either, whether you’ve come here to paraglide over those famous Blue Lagoon waters or enjoy a soak in Pamukkale’s hot springs.

And with a foot in both Asia and Europe, the country brings you the best of both continents. Swap Istanbul’s trendy neighbourhoods and modern museums for a glimpse into the mystic Sufi culture in Konya.

Things to do

There are endless things to do in Turkey, whether you book a short city break or settle in one of its sundrenched beach resorts. If you’re staying in Istanbul, you shouldn't miss a chance to tick off the city's impressive mosques such as Sultanahmet (the Blue Mosque ) or Hagia Sophia with its stunning Byzantine beauty. Those keen to shop will also appreciate the bustling Grand Bazaar for its handcrafted items and unique atmosphere. Meanwhile, did you know Istanbul is the world’s only transcontinental city with two distinct sides? Part lies in Asia and the other sits in Europe.

Other must-see attractions include the ancient city of Ephesus and the breathtaking fairy tale chimney rock formations of Cappadocia. Photographers hoping to capture this natural wonder in all its glory should book a stay at The Cappadocia Hotel, where you can stay in a stone cave room and witness the most amazing sunsets from your terrace.  Alternatively, see the enormous Roman Theatre of Aspendos near Antalya, or visit the equally astounding Greco-Roman ruins of Pergamum in Bergama. 

At Turkey’s modern beach resorts, you can enjoy days on the picturesque coast before tucking into a meal at a family-run restaurant. When night falls, sip on a freshly-made cocktail while watching live music, or dance the night away at one of its late-closing clubs.

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